Who We Are

KA TEI SOLAR INC. is a subsidiary of MEDEA CO., LTD., located in Saitama Japan which specialized in Photovoltaic Power for 20 years. KA TEI SOLAR INC. was established on March 30, 2015 and is engaged in the business of installation, repair, and maintenance of renewable energy equipment for Power Stations and structures using solar panels, wind and biomass, and other energy-saving systems and equipment like light-emitting diode (LED), energy efficient air conditioners, home energy management systems (HEMS) and building energy management systems (BEMS).

We support you as a community-based company with the mission as relief and safety, for whom involve renewable energy business including a solar energy power generation system, a geothermal energy, and wind power generation business.

Moreover, we provide the system design which suited for each local situation and installation condition. We also perform for the planning of various permissions, designing for generation system, and the latest aluminum mount for photovoltaic, the driller construction with our heavy industrial machine, and maintenance.

We are sure to provide the stable continuation of your energy business by the design know-how of our company, our technical capabilities, and our service support.

Our aim is always to be the leading company in the renewable energy industry in the Philippines, based on the technology and know-how which were fostered in Japan.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Ka Tei Solar Inc.
  • President: Karen Tanigaki
  • Capital Stock: 14 million pesos
  • Founding Date: March 30, 2015
  • Philippine Office:
    #999 S. Rodriguez Street, Lombos Compound, San Dionisio Parañaque City,
    1700 Philippines
  • Japan Office:
    3-3-2 Fukusaku Minuma-Ku
    Saitama City, Saitama-ken
    337-0003 Japan


Kaco New Energy
Canadian Solar

Vision and Mission

To generate clean energy for the future and to be the standard setter for the renewable energy industry by providing efficient and reliable system both for urban and rural areas. Have a Renewable Energy projects across the nation for either OnGrid or OffGridSystem. To preserve & promote Energy Efficiency and  Energy Conservation measures in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Government Establishments.

Aims and Objetives

  • To harness clean and environment friendly renewable energy resources.

  • To create public awareness and involve users/local community along with government facilities in establishing, operating and managing renewable energy projects.

  • To create direct and indirect employment opportunities especially in remote/rural areas.

  • To build trust and strong relationship in between clients.

Our Future Development

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    Hydro Electric

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Open Renewable Energy in Philippines, More than 10 MW Installed PV System


Solar Power Plant Operation, EPC (Japan)


5,000 PV System Installed (Japan)


4,000 PV System Installed (Japan)


250 PV System Installed (Japan)


Solar Power System (Japan)


Cable TV (Japan)

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